We will probably still stick to good old chemical rockets for some while. Humanity is just not ready yet for such a dedication. Nonetheless, if we ever really want to become an interplanetary species we’ll have to adapt.

One thing is sure; the airliners of the future will be different in the good sense of the word.

Booking a flight to the Moon is not that much more difficult than booking one to New York.

When young kids see a rocket rise up, starting its journey to Mars, they might get inspired.

This illustrates a sad energy paradox; enormous amounts of sustainable energy resides around us but we struggle to effectively harvest it.

“Say you’ve got a bunch of new camping equipment. If you’re smart, you’re going to learn how to use that in your backyard. You’re not going to go, say, out to Mount Everest and try to figure out how to work this stuff.”

An artist impression of a future moon base. Picture by NASA.

Andreas Verbruggen

Aerospace Engineering student. Interested in space exploration, AV’s and technology.

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